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Scientist – GeneTAC Chemical Biologist


This scientist role will be a key member of the discovery team focused on broadening the therapeutic applications and mechanistic understanding of the GeneTAC platform. Key responsibilities will involve conceptualization, design and optimization of new GeneTAC along with providing critical inputs in building biochemical and cellular assays for assessment of the molecules. The ideal candidate needs to have a strong background in chemistry or chemical biology coupled with a deep understanding of the mechanisms of transcriptional regulation and the landscape of small molecules currently used to modulate gene expression.


  • Work closely with members of the discovery team to lead design and synthesis of GeneTAC constructs in support of early-stage drug discovery programs.
  • Lead the strategy to broaden the portfolio of small molecules that target novel transcriptional regulators.
  • In collaboration with the discovery team help build biochemical, cellular and biophysical assays to build mechanistic understanding of GeneTAC constructs and drive hit identification and rapid hit to lead optimization process.
  • Identify novel targets and applications to broaden the GeneTAC platform and Design discovery target pipeline.


  • Ph. D. in organic chemistry, chemical biology or medicinal chemistry with 5+ years of relevant experience in biotech/pharma industry.
  • Experience and deep knowledge in the design and optimization of small molecule transcriptional and epigenetic regulators.
  • Experience in development and application of biochemical and biophysical assays such as SPR, FRET, Alphascreen, CHIP, enzymatic assays along with relevant structural biology and computational tools to aid and optimize molecular design.
  • Experience in establishing and overseeing outsourced CRO activities.
  • Experience in managing CMOs, scientific collaborations, and contracted R&D.
  • Ability to work collaboratively in the interdisciplinary and fast paced environment.

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